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I love you.


I wouldn’t even think twice if I was going to have a threesome with a guy and a girl if the girl was Emma Watson.

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Vita West & Sophie Yall by Maria Mölko & & Tomas C. Toth, for Novembre F/W13.

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Sailor Moon, episode 184: “A Night Between Us! Usagi’s Pinch”

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Residuo - Emilio Scanavino

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How am I supposed to make things easier for my family?? I have barely enough money to get by myself. I think I need a second job but I’m already going to school and working full time ahhhhhhhhhh

I can count at least 8 really shitty things that have happened to my family this week. We need a break from all this.

This is what happens when you dye already blue hair a mix of purple haze, ultra violet, bad boy blue and blue moon. #manicpanic


Marc by Marc Jacobs s/s 2015

@itsjeremyscott’s SS ‘15 gives me life (at NYFW)